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Video Transfer

Do you have old media tapes such as VHS?


Video players are becoming obsolete and precious memories are laying wasted in drawers, attics, cellars and garages.


Your children will love to see these old movies as they grow up and want to pass them onto their own children too.


We can convert all your old media tapes onto DVD with a personalised cover and printed photo on the actual DVD. We can even take a still frame from your footage for this.


VHS tapes and most camera tapes are converted at our Saffron Walden office and not sent away. As cameras are scarce and frequently breakdown please check we have your camera in stock. If you have the original camera the footage was taken on then this is the best option.


We do not offer a Cinefilm transfer service but depending on your location can offer the services of reputable business partners.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange delivery/collection.


Depending on our work load we may need to up to 4 weeks to convert your media.

Video Transfer
  • VHS Tapes

  • Video camera cassettes

  • Personalised cases

  • Photo printed discs

  • High Quality Discs with up to 75mins of footage, extra footage transfered onto extra discs.

  • Priced at £20 for first disc - 75 mins

  • Now also available transfered to MP2 or MP4 4 files on memory stick or scanner card or delivered via Dropbox


£20 per DVD. Each DVD will hold up to 75 mins of video tape and we will use multiple discs where necessary @ £10 per disc. Duplicate copies are available at £10 per disc. An upgrade to a gold archive DVD disc is available for an extra £5 per disc.


Transfer to MP2 or MP4 files £10 per 60 mins of footage supplied on memory stick or card. We can provide branded memory sticks 8GB at £10, 16GB at £15 and 32GB at £20, 64GB at £25. You may provide your own new branded (quality) memory stick.


MP2 or MP4 file delivery via Dropbox available at £5 per 75 mins of footage